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With this 2.1g Starwberry Moonrock Infused preroll, Presidential brings you top-shelf flower infused with a tropical flavor, Premium THC Distillate, and the highest quality kief. Rolled in 100% tobacco-free blunt paper, stuffed with the best top-shelf flower, and fitted with a chlorine-free filter to allow for only the smoothest of hits, Presidential’s Moon Rock infused prerolls are the only thing you need to elevate your weekend. This premium blunt is never rolled, sprayed, or dipped, and are ALWAYS infused with premium distillate and kief. Recommended for those with a high tolerance or those looking for a good time, these Presidential pre-rolls are sure to send you to the moon and back.


Presidential - Strawberry Infused Mini Blunts - 2.1 Grams

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